Monday, August 2, 2010

Boys and their Toys

Talk about a day late and a dollar is the Father's Day card I made for hubby, but never got around to posting.  I was cracking up the entire time I worked on it - I just love the expression on this guy's face.  He is from Crafty Secrets' Favorite Fellas stamp set. 

The car is an actual photograph of the Porsche 911 that Tim and his brother bought to use for Driver's Education events at race tracks.  These are events where they get to drive on the track, in a 'spirited' fashion, but not in a racing atmosphere.  I re-sized the photo of the car to get it to work with this stamp, and then I had to do a little surgery and cut the roof off the car.  It's not a technically correct representation of the car, but what the heck - call it artistic license!

I used some patterned paper that was a vintage map of the U.S. and then placed a Tim Holtz compass rose mask on top and sponged around it.  The sentiment is from the same set and is so true of my hubby - he is the king of boy's toys!  The Happy Motoring paper is from Graphic 45's Transatlantique collection.

For the inside, I cut a strip of text paper that has some applicable quotes such as, "We do not remember days; we remember moments." and "a happy memory never wears out." and I highlighted them using Copic markers.  I used a checkerboard border punch on some white card stock and then layered on black card stock to replicate a checkered flag.

On a  personal note, we found out recently that Tim has Cubital Tunnel Syndrome which will require surgery.  The surgery will re-route the ulnar nerve so that instead of running under the funny bone, it will be moved so it's on top.  He will end up with a 7 inch incision on the inside of his right arm.  The surgery will only prevent further nerve damage (he currently has numbness and very little strength in his right arm), but it will not reverse the nerve damage that has already occurred.  So we are a little bummed about that at the moment.  But, on a positive note, his retirement countdown clock is reading 331 days today!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Ayana Posadas said...

Heyyy Robin!
(AKA: My "Words-with-Friends Buddy"!) LoL :)... This card came out super fun! I love how you used a photograph on the card. So COOL!... And best of luck with Tim's surgery. I hope everything goes well.

Anonymous said...

That is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

331 days to retirement? You must be kidding? What a lucky guy.

I'm so sorry about Tim's surgery and arm issues. When will the surgery be?


Chrissy D said...

SUCH A FUN card! Robin! Hope you are doing well!

Lynette said...

Great card, Robin! Bummer about Tim's upcoming surgery and nerve damage. How awesome, though, that he has a retirement date!!!